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About Us

Be Zinglee

Zinglee is the new member of our Nice-n-Easy Group family now open in Kolonaki at 2 Tsakalof St., at the famous Kolonaki Square. How did we find our name? Well, it really found us. Shall we tell you a story? Our expansion has been rapid, and we can attribute that to of course the passion of our work and dedication of great followers like you!

Zing is defined as energy, liveliness, and the enthusiasm, and, in our world, that defines everything that Athens has to be. It’s the underlying ethos for all of our outposts, as well as how some of our followers would describe our food, too. With a bit of a zing! Glee means euphoria, elation and joy, so we combined this together to create Zinglee, our new, all-day, Mediterranean bistro where you will linger for coffee and lunch and return for cocktails and conversation.

Adress: 2 Tsakalof Str.,

Telephone: +30 210 3620842,


Opening: 09:00 am – 00:30 pm